Architecture Summer School BL 2015_Preview

Architecture summer school BL

Architecture summer school BL /18 – 22/08/2015


Time: August 18, 2015 to August 22, 2015
Location: Second University campus banjaluka, faculty of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy
Street: Bulevar vojvode Petra Bojovića 1A
City/Town: Banjaluka (BiH)
Website or Map:
Event Type: Workshop for students of architecture
Lecturer: Igor Mitrić



Evolutionary Algorithm and Energy Design was a topic of architecture summer school held at the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Banja Luka (BiH) from august 18th‐22nd 2015.

The task of the workshop was to design a futuristic master plan of Banja Luka that would happen in year 2050. Summer school intention was to exploit students imagination through generative tools and help them to develope a Sci-Fi scenarios with algorithms and to define a matemathical rules for their creativity. Also converting a physical forces as wind and sun into analytical methods as design objectives, understanding macro and micro climates, working with GIS data, controlling big scale geometry, testing different pipelines for 3d and 2d softwares, learning presentation technique and managing Big Data were also the goals of „Architecture Summer School BL 2015″.

Digital parametric model was based on climate conditions and energy efficiency. The workshop was attended by 15 students with a final of 11 different solutions that were presented at the Faculty. External tutors of the workshops were Igor Mitrić, Marko Koljančić and Boško Marušić, and the organizers from the Faculty were Maja Ilić and Dragana Tepić.

With Igor’s help students modeled the topography of the terrain in Rhino/Grasshopper, and then set the parameters for a new urban matrix. By defining attractor points they formed the third dimension of the metropolitan area. Parameters that were taken into account were water resources, wind and sunlight.

Then, with Marko’s instructions students selected several buildings from their project and worked on developing parametric facades in Grasshopper. Facades were inspired with 3D voronoi cells.

In the third phase of the workshop with Boško, digital models were imported into Cinema 4D, where students worked on materialization of the surfaces, exporting renderings of selected views. The final visualization of the project was made in Photoshop, producing project posters that can bee seen at


After successfully completition the workshop, students have gain a basic knowledge of energy optimization in masterplanning. Working on a plot of he second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Banjaluka, students have designed energy optimized masterplan with density of 10, 000 habitants per square kilometer. Understanding the impact of wind flow,water resources, solar gain, density and orientation on masterplan, students develope diversity of paramteric design strategies for large urban structures. 

Architecture summer school BL


It was a very creative 5 days at architectural summer school at faculty of architecture in Banjaluka (BiH).

Collaboration between experienced tutors and amazing student was constantly at a very high level.

It was a first time for a tutors to notice a strong coloring of matemathical rules and procedures by students

with their inner strength, which could be called „Slavic soul“.

We successfully established strong foundation for a „First Parametric Team“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Many thanks to brillant tutors Marko Koljančić and Boško Marušić.

Many thanks to great organizers from the Faculty Nevena Novaković, Maja Ilić and Dragana Tepić.

And many, many thanks to great students and their hard but inspirational work during a workshop.

Bellow we present amazing workshop results and projects from participants.

We are so proud on you guys!!!


Marija Lukač                                                Dragana Ljuboja                                             Slobodan Peulić


Admir Islamčević                                          Radmanović-Djurdjević                              Ognjen Dujaković

Stefan Ilisković                                                            Dajana Papaz                                  Milana Nedimović



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